November 24, 2020 11:10 AM

November 23, 2020


In past years timely export drops and import recoveries were difficult with increased volumes in Q4.

As we move into the last two months of a challenging 2020, R&M is facing many of the same struggles that exist throughout our global market. COVID-19 has changed processes for the world. With implemented safety measures to keep everyone safe, additional time and delays occur.

While ORD airport congestion has become the norm, the increased volumes has affected the airlines, handlers and R&M again. A few airlines have reduced their hours of operation due to COVID.

Drivers are required to be in a door before paperwork processing begins at many of the airlines. With staffing issues and long lines, R&M has found we have drivers who wait in lines for a dock door yet do not get to a door before the airline or handler close.  Rejections are not given when this occurs.

While we are given LFD details at time of dispatch, R&M does not have the ability to determine what airline on any given day will have extended wait time. Attempts are made and at certain pickup facilities, "cannot locate" is becoming a rejection common practice.  R&M has purchased additional equipment, on boarded new drivers, and changed driver schedules to offset the challengers we face daily. Unfortunately, many of the same issues occur almost daily.

In order to better service our Export and Import clients, we are implementing a 6 hour export transfer time and DO cut off of 1600 until the end of the year. Since our delays are not specific to certain airlines, we need the assistance of all customers to minimize the service delays.

With the additional time, our hope is to maximize our equipment for export drop and import recovery.

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