2018 Rate Increase

Air & Ocean Tariff Increase 
Dear Valued Customer:   
Thank you for your support throughout the years. We appreciate the opportunity you provide us to handle your local transportation needs.   
As your business partner, we must adapt to the changing economic conditions and regulations that have a direct impact on our ability to provide services to our customers.   
Our most difficult issues right now are our ability to attract new drivers and keeping up with all the new Illinois tax increases on transportation companies.  
These two issues alone will have a huge impact on our ability to remain a viable transportation company.   
At this time we will implementing a 3.5% rate increase on our local pickup and delivery tariffs for all Air Freight (Import & Export) and all Ocean LCL Freight (Import & Export) customers. Additionally, there will be a new tariff restructuring implemented on all our Wisconsin tariffs. The new tariffs will take effect on April 16th, 2018.   
We are committed to serve our customers with the best drivers, equipment, and technology available to us. We will continue to make the proper investments to ensure our ability to handle your needs.     
We will do our best to control future costs in an effort to limit our future rate adjustments. We greatly appreciate your patronage and wish to remain your primary choice for local transportation.  
Please review the attached rate schedules and feel free to call me with your concerns.  
Jerry May President  R&M Trucking Co 


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